Useful thematic resources for the Regional Review Conferences

Key resources for those developing policies and programmes for armed violence reduction and prevention.

The Secretariat of the Geneva Declaration has gathered a range of resources from the Secretariat and several partner organizations that should be useful to policy-makers and practitioners in addressing armed violence and approaches and strategies for armed violence prevention and reduction.

  1. Key GD documents
  2. Key publications
  3. Further publications by topics
    3.1 Measuring and monitoring armed violence | 3.2 Armed violence in the development agenda and post-2015 | 3.3 Urban violence | 3.4 Gender and armed violence | 3.5 Controlling the weapons | 3.6 Injuries and survivors of armed violence | 3.7 Private sector and armed violence | 3.8 AVRP programming
  4. Additional geographical publications
    4.1 Middle East and North Africa | 4.2 Asia and Pacific | 4.3 Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia | 4.4 The Americas | 4.5 Sub-Saharan Africa



1. Key GD Documents



2. Key Publications

  • Implementing the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development

    Handbook of the Geneva Declaration Secretariat (April 2014)

    • Handbook summary available in English
    • Handbook summary available in French
    • Handbook summary available in Arabic
    • Handbook summary available in Spanish

    This Handbook aims to provide government officials and other interested parties with clear, userfriendly suggestions on how to implement the commitments set out in the Geneva Declaration, the subsequent Outcome Documents of the 2008 and 2011 Review Conferences, and The Oslo Commitments on Armed Violence. The Handbook draws on numerous reports, policy guidelines, programming notes, and a growing evidence base of interventions and approaches that are deemed successful.


  • GD Policy Papers
    A series of Policy papers prepared by the Geneva Declaration Secretariat for the Regional Review Conferences 2014

    The Geneva Declaration Secretariat has prepared several “policy papers”, tackling different dimensions of the armed violence policy agenda for the Regional Review Conferences and beyond.

  1. Policy Paper No.1: Inclusive Security, Inclusive Cities, by Emilia Frost and Matthias Nowak (April 2014)

  2. Policy Paper No.2: Surviving Armed Violence, by Mireille Widmer (April 2014)

  3. Policy Paper No.3: Instruments of Violence: Weapons Control Efforts to Reduce and Prevent Armed Violence, by Marcus Wilson (April 2014)

  • Working Against Violence: Promising Practices in Armed Violence Reduction and Prevention
    Working Paper of the Geneva Declaration Secretariat, October 2011

    This paper documents promising practices in armed violence reduction and prevention (AVRP). Drawing from experiences across multiple sectors and organizations, it seeks to generate a better understanding of what is working and, in so doing, encourage more effective and efficient AVRP policies and programs.


  • Investing in Security: A Global Assessment of Armed Violence Reduction Initiatives, Conflict and Fragility
    A publication by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development–Development Assistance Committee (OECD–DAC), in collaboration with the Geneva Declaration and UNDP (2011)

    This publication seeks to generate more understanding of what kind of AVR initiatives work and what kind does not, to stimulate further evaluation and to contribute to more effective and efficient policies and programs. A large-scale mapping of Armed Violence Reduction and Prevention activities around the world form the basis of the analysis, focusing primarily on programming trends in six countries – Brazil, Burundi, Colombia, Liberia, South Africa and Timor-Leste - with very different programming contexts.


3. Further Publications by Topics

3.1. Measuring and Monitoring Armed Violence


  • Tools for Measurement, Monitoring and Evaluation
    A series of three documents by the Small Arms Survey on data sources, data use, and surveys (2012-2013) for the project Conflict, Crime and Violence Results Initiative (CCVRI). 

  1. Sources of Conflict, Crime and Violence Data

  2. Making Conflict, Crime and Violence Data Usable

  3. In-Depth Focus on Surveys


3.2. Armed Violence in the Development Agenda and Post-2015


  • What’s Peace Got To Do With It? Advocating Peace in the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda
    A publication by Laura Ribeiro Pereira, for the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the Dialogue on Globalization (September 2014)

  • Common African Position (CAP) on the Post-2015 Development Agenda
    Document by the African Union, and with technical support from the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Agency, the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Regional Bureau for Africa, and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) (March 2014)

3.3. Urban Violence

  • Urban Armed Violence
    Research Note No. 23 by the Small Arms Survey, in collaboration with the Geneva Declaration Secretariat (November 2012)


3.4. Gender and armed violence

  • Femicide: A Global Issue That Demands Action

    Joint publication led by the Vienna Liaison Office of the Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) (2013)

    This publication is the result of a symposium on violence against women and comprises speeches and presentations of experts, tackling the issue of femicide from different perspectives, addressing femicide-related problems and proposing comprehensive ways to fight this crime efficiently. In addition this publication gives an overview of the various forms of femicide and best practice examples to reduce it.


3.5. Controlling the weapons

  • A Diplomat’s Guide to the UN Small Arms Process: 2014 Update
    By Sarah Parker and Marcus Wilson, Small Arms Survey (June 2014)

    This revised Handbook is designed to assist and inform policy-makers who are new to  small arms on the international agenda. While it is not meant to serve as a policy tool or as an exhaustive review of the small arms process, this concise manual includes: (1) definitions and terminology; (2) a brief history of the small arms process; (3) summaries of key issues, instruments, and measures; and (4) an overview of the roles of various institutions.

3.6. Injuries and survivors of armed violence

  • Surviving Armed Violence
    Policy Paper No.2 
    by Mireille Widmer, published by the Geneva Declaration Secretariat for the Regional Review Conference (April 2014)

  • Non-lethal Firearm Violence
    Research Note No. 32 by the Small Arms Survey, in collaboration with the Geneva Declaration Secretariat (July 2013)

3.7. Private sector and armed violence



3.8. Armed Violence Reduction and Prevention (AVRP) Programming





    4. Additional Geographical Publications

      4.1: Middle East and North Africa










        4.2: Asia and Pacific









          4.3: Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia


              4.4: The Americas


                • Citizen Security with a Human Face: Evidence and proposals for Latin America
                  Human Development Report for Latin America 2013-2014 by UNDP (2013)

                  The Regional Human Development Report 2013-14 for Latin America maps the problems of crime and violence in the region, and offers important recommendations for improving public policies on citizen security. This report analyzes the phenomenon of citizen security in-depth, studying successful experiences, and proposing concrete recommendations for improvements.

                  4.5: Sub-Saharan Africa