Objectives & Topics


The Rabat Conference had the following objectives:

  1. Present initiatives taken to reduce armed violence;
  2. Encourage the development of solutions appropriate to the region for ending armed violence;
  3. Identify common factors that are sources of armed violence in the region;
  4. Build regional partnerships, as well as the exchange of knowledge, skills and practices between different actors; analyze the impact of programmes to prevent and reduce violence; and, ultimately, promote other existing regional initiatives against armed violence; and
  5. Encourage MENA states to commit to this initiative.



The Rabat Conference addressed the following themes:

  • Strategies and means, including data collection, to prevent and reduce armed violence in the context of the post-2015 development programme
  • Reinforcement of regional and inter-regional cooperation to prevent armed violence
  • Border security in the Sahel region and Arab Maghreb Union
  • Control of the illegal trade in small arms and light weapons
  • Prevention of transnational organized crime through the promotion of regional and international aid
  • Peacebuilding in post-conflict situations
  • The role of young people and women in reducing armed violence
  • Achieving development goals by reducing armed violence