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Chair's Summary

Rabat, Morocco, 28 October 2014. The Kingdom of Morocco and the Confederation of Switzerland jointly organized from 28th to 29th October 2014, with the cooperation of the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development and the United Nations Development Programme, the Regional Conference on Armed violence and development in the MENA region, under the theme “Ending armed violence for Peace and Development”.

The Rabat Conference for MENA region brought together nearly 100 participants, including 16 States from the MENA region (EAU, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrein, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Iraq and Kuwait), 5 States from the Sahel States ( Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Tchad and Niger), 10 States from GD Core Group (Nigeria, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, Colombia, Philippines, Finland, Thaïland, Netherlands, and Great Britain), 8 International and regional Organisations (League of Arab States, Maghreb Arab Union, African Bank for Development, UNODC, UNODA, PNUD, UN Women and UNICEF). The Conference was also attended by a number of Think Thanks, Academic institutions, research centers and NGOs representatives.

The conference considered the issue of violence and development in the MENA region and raised awareness of the need to address challenges of armed violence on the development to the MENA region. It was also as an opportunity to encourage MENA region member States to adhere to the Geneva Declaration  as well as to develop a holistic approach aiming at strengthening national capacities of the MENA region’s States with the support of international, regional and sub regional organizations, NGOs and Think Tanks, and in accordance with the principles of the Geneva Declaration.

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"Accueil Rabat accueille mardi et mercredi la Conférence Régionale pour la Région MENA sur la Déclaration de Genève relative à la Violence Armée et le Développement"
Menara (Maroc)
27 October 2014

"Violence armée et développement : Le Maroc organise un événement mondial"
27 October 2014


Press release

"Communiqué:La Conférence Régionale pour la Région MENA sur la Déclaration de Genève sur la Violence Armée et le Développement" (PDF)
27 October 2014
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Opening Session of the Rabat Regional Review Conference