Papers and additional resources

The Small Arms Survey and the Secretariat of the Geneva Declaration have produced various publications on observatories and armed violence monitoring systems [Background publications]. In addition, the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform released a short background paper before the meeting [Background paper]. Following the event, Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) developed a map of observatories around the world [Interactive map], as well as interviews from other participants [Interviews].


Background publications


Armed Violence Monitoring Systems
Small Arms Survey and the Geneva Declaration Secretariat, February 2013
Research Note

This publication examines the different types of AVMSs, their activities and functions, and the issues affecting their efficiency.




Global Burden of Armed Violence 2011
Geneva Declaration Secretariat,
October 2011

The GBAV 2011 takes an integrated approach to the complex and volatile dynamics of armed violence around the world, drawing its findings on comprehensive country-level data, including both conflict-related and criminal violence.



Contributing Evidence to Programming: Armed Violence Monitoring Systems
Geneva Declaration Secretariat, September 2011
Working Paper

This Working Paper clarifies the concept of armed violence monitoring systems (AVMS) and to deepen understanding of their work.




Measuring and Monitoring Armed Violence - Goals, Targets and Indicators
Geneva Declaration Secretariat, 2010
Background Paper for the Oslo Conference on Armed Violence "Achieving the
Millennium Development Goals"

This paper sets out a framework of goals, targets and indicators to track armed violence, and to support prevention and reduction activities.





Background paper

Observatories: A peacebuilding perspective
Achim Wennmann, Geneva Peacebuilding Platform
Geneva, 13 May 2013



Interactive map

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) developed an interactive map of observatories monitoring crime and violence around the world.


View An Eye on Violence in a larger map




In addition, AOAV conducted interviews with various participants during the meeting. These are available on the AOAV website: