The main objective of the Expert Meeting was to share experiences on how various types of observatories can successfully influence policy making and programming, and so promote violence reduction and peacebuilding. More specifically, the event aims to:

  • Identify effective strategies to strengthen observatories as institutions capable of providing the necessary evidence base for policy-makers and practitioners;
  • Gather practical lessons learned from observatories in the fields of armed violence reduction and prevention (translation of data into policy and programmes);
  • Draw together a set of indicators and methods necessary to define minimal quality standards applicable to armed violence and crime observatories.


In addition the meeting will produce:

  • A meeting report detailing the key discussion items and the content of the presentations [forthcoming];
  • A more comprehensive publication on the substantive outcomes from the meeting. This publication will take the form of a resource guide and toolkit for setting up and running observatories [forthcoming].