Regional Review Conferences 2014

Review Conferences are regularly held to assess progress concerning the process and implementation of the Geneva Declaration. In this framework, five Regional Review Conferences are planned to take place throughout 2014.

Review Conferences have been regularly held to assess progress concerning the process and implementation of the Geneva Declaration. As high-profile international meetings, these conferences present good opportunities for highlighting the GD and the armed violence reduction and prevention agenda at global level, to build political momentum behind the core objectives of the GD, and for publishing key research (such as the Global Burden of Armed Violence reports) that in turn attracts media attention. The 1st Review Conference was held in 2008, followed by the 2nd Ministerial Review Conference (2MRC) in 2011.

During 2014 a series of Regional Review Conferences (RRCs) have been organized not only to review the process in implementing the Geneva Declaration but also to reflect and gather support in integrating meaningfully armed violence reduction in national and international development processes, including the post-2015 development agenda. Regional Review Conferences will be held in five different regions. These are co-hosted by one Core Group Member from the relevant region, along with Switzerland and UNDP.