Global Burden of Armed Violence 2011: Lethal Encounters

An integrated approach to the complex and volatile dynamics of armed violence around the world.

Global Burden of Armed Violence 2008

The Global Burden of Armed Violence report provides a comprehensive assessment of the scope of human tragedy resulting from violence around the world.

This report brings into focus the wide-ranging costs of war and crime on development and provides a solid evidence base to shape effective policy, programming, and advocacy to prevent and reduce armed violence. Drawing from diverse sources and approaches, chapters focus on conflict-related, post-conflict, and criminal armed violence, and on the enormous economic costs of armed violence. The report also highlights some of the less visible forms of armed violence, including sexual and gender-based violence, extrajudicial killings, kidnappings, and forced disappearances.

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Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Direct Conflict Death

Chapter 2. The Many Victims of War: Indirect Conflict Deaths

Chapter 3. Armed Violence After War: Categories, Causes, and Consequences

Chapter 4. Lethal Encounters: Non-conflict Armed Violence

Chapter 5. What's in a Number? Estimating the Economic Costs of Armed Violence

Chapter 6. Armed Violence Against Women

Chapter 7. Other Forms of Armed Violence: Making the Invisible Visible


Methodological Annexe