Global Burden of Armed Violence 2011

The Global Burden of Armed Violence 2011 takes an integrated approach to the complex and volatile dynamics of armed violence around the world.

Drawing on comprehensive country-level data, including both conflict-related and criminal violence, it estimates that at least 526,000 people die violently every year, more than three-quarters of them in non-conflict settings. It highlights that the 58 countries with high rates of lethal violence account for two-thirds of all violent deaths, and shows that one-quarter of all violent deaths occur in just 14 countries, seven of which are in the Americas. New research on femicide also reveals that about 66,000 women and girls are violently killed around the world each year.

This volume also assesses the linkages between violent death rates and socio-economic development, demonstrating that homicide rates are higher wherever income disparity, extreme poverty, and hunger are high. It challenges the use of simple analytical classifications and policy responses, and offers researchers and policy-makers new tools for studying and tackling different forms of violence.

Press Release

Executive Summary

Chapter 1. A Unified Approach to Armed Violence

Chapter 2. Trends and Patterns of Armed Violence

Chapter 3. Characteristics of Armed Violence

Chapter 4. When the Victim is a Woman

Chapter 5. More Armed Violence, Less Development

Methodological Annexe