Best Practice Seminars

Best practice seminars provide a platform to share and develop strategies to prevent and reduce armed violence in order to promote sustainable development.

The Best Practice Regional Seminars aim at further implementing the “programming” pillar of the Geneva Declaration as its purpose is to bring together practitioners from government, civil society, international organizations and academia to provide concrete experiences and lessons learned in reducing and preventing armed violence. These experiences will then be further disseminated to the wider community of practitioners throughout the world.   

The following Best Practice Regional Seminars have been held:


Zagreb, Croatia | 13-14 September 2011
Regional Seminar on “Best Practices in Reducing Armed Violence in Europe”

Abuja, Nigeria | 28-30 June 2011
West Africa Regional Seminar on Promising Practices on Armed Violence Reduction and Prevention (AVRP)

Kathmandu, Nepal | 15 March 2011
Regional Best and Promising Practices Seminar on Armed Violence Reduction and Prevention in South and Southeast Asia

Nairobi, Kenya | 23-25 February 2011
Central and East African Regional Seminar on Best/Promising Practices on Armed Violence Reduction

La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala | 16-18 November 2010

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | 8-9 November 2010
Community of Practices on Armed Violence and Development in Latin America

Nairobi, Kenya | 2-3 November 2010
Creating a Community of Practice on Armed Violence and Development in East Africa

Cartagena, Colombia | 20-23 April 2009