Cultural Events

The Geneva Declaration Secretariat has organized diverse cultural events related to armed violence reduction and development. Our main objectives are to raise awareness on these topics, as well as reaching a large public and thus going beyond the diplomatic initiative.

Different photographic exhibitions were displayed in the last couple of years. 'Visions of Hope' (Geneva) was a photography contest where selected pictures got publicly displayed on Geneva lakefront in summer 2011. The 'Global Burden of Armed Violence exhibition' was presented in Geneva, Bern and Paris. It reflects the findings of the GD Secretariat's second edition of its major publication -the Global Burden of Armed Violence-, lauched in October 2011. Finally 'Armed Violence: A Threat to Developement' are photographs taken in Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya from Gwenn Dubourthoumieu. The exhibition was displayed at the UN in Geneva and later during the 2ng Ministerial Review Conference of the Geneva Declaration in fall 2011.