In the framework of the Geneva Declaration, states and societies have been striving to prevent and reduce armed violence since 2006. In adopting the motto ‘Reduce armed violence, enable development’, the 2nd Ministerial Review Conference focused on sharing the wealth of experience that participants have gained in tackling the scourge of armed violence. The Conference sought to achieve the following objectives:

  • To reaffirm and strengthen the engagement of the signatory states to the GD and its commitments, building on the global policy and advocacy achievements of the past three years.
  • To assess progress in the implementation of the GD commitments by considering the contribution of promising practice designed to meet those commitments at the local, national, and global levels.
  • To accelerate tangible measures towards realising the goals of the GD through an endorsement by signatory states of evidence-based programming, and through integration with initiatives of relevance to violence prevention and development.
  • To establish the GD as a platform for the collection, assessment, and exchange of promising practice on armed violence reduction policies and programmes.
  • To establish a concrete vision and set clear priorities for the implementation of the GD by 2015, based on consensus reached in the formulation of the succinct Outcome Document.