The Ministerial Review Conference brought together the signatory states of the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development, as well as the states that have endorsed the 2010 Oslo Commitments. Although the Ministerial Review Conference primarily targets states, the Geneva Declaration acknowledges the central roles that other actors such as municipalities, civil society, and the private sector can play in preventing and reducing armed violence. In addition, representatives from international and regional organisations active in armed violence reduction and prevention will be invited, along with representatives from relevant civil society organisations and the private sector.

○  National delegations
National delegations composed of a maximum of four (4) persons: the head of delegation (ideally a Minister of Development or Foreign Affairs) along with up to three senior officials (Criminal Justice or Health officials, and ideally including a city mayor or other relevant local government official). This composition ensures that delegations are well balanced in terms of political representation and technical experience.

○  International and regional organisations
The size of delegations from international and regional organisations was limited to a maximum of two (2) persons.

○  Non-governmental organisations
For non-governmental organisations, the size of delegations was limited to a maximum of two (2) persons. Organisations concerned with armed violence and development were invited to use the 'Call for expressions of interest' to apply to participate in the 2nd Ministerial Review Conference (deadline: 25 July 2011). Civil society organisations with special interest and experience in one of the three Geneva Declaration pillars—advocacy, measurability, and programming—were encouraged to apply. Up to 70 organisations will be selected to join the event by beginning of September, based on their applications.