GD cultural events

Find more information about different cultural events, such as photo exhibitions, that the GD Secretariat has organized.

Faces of violence

Presentations from the Ministerial Review Conference

  •  View the slideshow presentations from many of the Geneva Declaration Ministerial Review Conference presentations.

GBAV 2011 Presentation

  • A narrated slideshow of Keith Krause's Presentation on the Global Burden of Armed Violence 2011 at the GD Second Ministerial Review Conference




The Small Arms Survey produces podcast series on its activities and topics of research. Get to know its work better by listening to the Survey's team of experts speak about the latest research projects and the application and implementation of their findings. 


    Presentation slideshows

    Presentations made during the Geneva Declaration 2nd Ministerial Review Conference of 2011 or the Expert Meeting on Observatories (2013) are available online. In addition, various presentations made on behalf of the Geneva Declaration at other external events are also available.


    Conference videos

    During the Geneva Declaration 2nd Ministerial Review Conference in fall 2011 most presentations held in plenary were video recorded.



    A short documentary "Faces of Violence: A Non-Fiction Story" has been produced by Igarap√© on armed violence and its impacts.