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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development–Development Assistance Committee (OECD–DAC)


  • OECD–DAC: Investing in Security: A Global Assessment of Armed Violence Reduction Initiatives, Conflict and Fragility
    This publication seeks to generate more understanding of what kind of AVR initiatives work and what kind does not, to stimulate further evaluation and to contribute to more effective and efficient policies and programs. A large-scale mapping of Armed Violence Reduction and Prevention activities around the world form the basis of the analysis, focusing primarily on programming trends in six countries – Brazil, Burundi, Colombia, Liberia, South Africa and Timor-Leste. These countries represent the very different programming contexts – from high rates of urban criminal violence to protracted post-conflict insecurity – in which development practitioners are currently engaged.



World Bank



      The Good Practices Magazine

      QUNO | Comunidad Segura | Viva Rio | Geneva Declaration

      • No. 0. Inspiring Actions, Merging Agendas: Local and Global Programmes Integrating Armed Violence Prevention and Development. May 2008 (English).

      • No. 1. Civil Society: The Driving Forces behind Parliaments and Governments. June 2008 (English).

      • No. 2. From Armed Violence to Development. November 2008 (English | Español).

      • No. 3. Haiti Pos-Terremoto: Os Esfroços pela Reconstrução. June 2010 (Português).

      • No. 4. Peacebuilding from the Ground Up: Preventing and Reducing Armed Violence. November 2010 (English).

      • No. 5. Lecciones desde América Latina y el Caribe: Desarrollo social y prevención de la violencia armada. November 2010 (English | Español).

      • No. 6. Resgate da Cidadania e Transformação do Futuro: Experiências de Reinserção Social de Jovens Envolvidos com a Violência. March 2011 (Português).

      • No. 7. Paths Toward Peace: best practices in violence reduction and development in South and Southeast Asia. June 2011 (English).

      • No. 8. Roots of Sustainable Peace: Promising Practices in Violence Prevention and Development in West Africa. October 2011 (English).

      • No. 9. From the Ashes of War. October 2011 (English).



      National Reports on Armed Violence 

      • Comission for the Prevention and Reduction of Armed Violence in Guatemala: National Report Progress in the Implementation of Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development (October 2011)